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St Mary's Invites Exparishioners to Make Contact
29th December 2018
St Mary's Parish would like to hear from any exparishioners especially those who have moved overseas.  Please contact us with your details including your family connections within Rasharkin and your current location and family details etc....
Fr Columban McGarry
17th November 2018
An article detailing the centenary of the dedication of St Mary's Catholic Church has been discovered, it gives details of the event and also a sermon given on the day by Fr Columban McGarry.  Click on the link below to go to the article.   Father Columban Sermon...
3rd May 2018
Bingo will be held in St Olcan's Parish Centre, on Friday 5th April 2019 @8:30pm.  £300 is paid out on the last house. Additional Easter Prizes.     Please come along and support the event.          ...